Rental Chairwomen:  

Jill McKenzie - 760-789-3596

Darlene McNeal - 760-315-2910

Theresa O'Brien - 760-789-6631

$ 150.00 –  This is a three hour time block
$ 50.00 per hour – Time in excess of three hours
REGULAR USE (Rates based on each usage)
$ 50.00 – This is a three hour time block
$ 10.00 per hour –Time in Excess of three hours
$  5.00 per meeting – Storage (each meeting)

A deposit of $100.00 is required and will be returned if Clubhouse is left in good condition.

All rentals must be made through the Rental Chairwoman and paid for seven (7) days in advance of event.

Any article lost or broken must be replaced, and payment must be made for any damage done to the building or its

NO ITEMS (chairs, tables, kitchen ware) will be loaned
for use outside the Clubhouse.